[Talk-us] Pittsburgh neighborhood boundaries mapped with admin level 9?

Bill Ricker bill.n1vux at gmail.com
Thu Jul 27 18:02:05 UTC 2017

​> , "about 41 out of 50" states (leaving 9) were believed correct as
described in that table.  (And, that was posted here).
>  On July 10, Peter Dobratz and I (among others) submitted the six New
England states (of those 9) in a sub-table, which I harmonized into that
wiki's "Big Table."

Massachusetts looks correct in the small table to my eye in terms of legal
entities, Wards and Precincts are primary fine-scale legal entities. I know
my Ward and Precint numbers in Boston, so can confirm they exist.

OTOH there are no "signs on the ground" for Wards or Precincts.

As noted in Talk, there are also Council Districts but their mapping onto
Wards/Precincts will *change* for re-gerrymandering after each census
(which in Boston is an on-going process, we don't wait for Federal census
to count noses!)  and could be easily abolished if we opted for all
city-wide seats again.  Wards and Precinct boundaries are less flexible;
deeds reference them; Precincts are  the fundamental unit that City, State
House, State Senate, US House district gerrymanders are built from; but
still even Ward&Precinct boundaries are adjusted periodically if a precinct
suddenly is built up or industrialized.

Neighborhoods are also formally defined by city planning dept in Boston.

There are also interesting historical boundaries where former towns have
become neighborhoods when amalgamated into the adjacent city (and

I guess i should post this comment to the talk page too.
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