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Charlotte Wolter techlady at techlady.com
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         I have a similar situation.
         I have tagged many numbered, but unpaved, roads on the 
Navajo reservation as "tertiary." They aren't "unmaintained," because 
they are plowed by the Navajo Nation, but with varying degrees of regularity.
         The whole road system there has been getting better 
steadily, but there still are roads that are questionable as 
"tertiary," despite having numbers. So, I'm regularly downgrading 
some of those to "unclassified," as I discover them. I think that is 
the best practice for this area.


>On Mon, Jun 12, 2017 at 12:07 PM, Richard Fairhurst 
><<mailto:richard at systemed.net>richard at systemed.net> wrote:
>It would be really helpful if there were one single place where US common
>practice was explained, succinctly (not like the verbal diarrhoea[2] on the
>US Roads Tagging page) and unambiguously, and in a way that accords with
>international usage in OSM. As an auslander it's not my job to do it, but
>perhaps someone sensible on this list might like to?
>Is there *anyone* that actually can speak to what *is* common practice
>in the US? When I've asked, I've always drawn a lot of replies and come
>away more confused than before.
>Of course, a lot of what I map is in a gray area where 'tertiary,'
>'residential', 'unclassified' and 'track' tend to have blurred boundaries,
>and 4WD vehicles are strongly recommended. The road where I'm parked
>is a signed and
>numbered county highway, but I couldn't bring myself to tag it 'tertiary.'
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