[Talk-us] NJ mass road demotions?

Wolfgang Zenker wolfgang at lyxys.ka.sub.org
Mon Jun 12 19:33:23 UTC 2017

* Richard Fairhurst <richard at systemed.net> [170612 20:55]:
> Kevin Kenny wrote:
>> Is there *anyone* that actually can speak to what *is* common 
>> practice in the US? When I've asked, I've always drawn a lot of 
>> replies and come away more confused than before.

> I've been doing vast amounts of rural TIGER fixup over the past couple of
> years and this is what broadly seems to be what I've seen, bearing in mind
> standard practice in other developed countries and the idea that the
> highway= tag combines the importance in the highway network with some
> assurance of construction quality:

> * highway=motorway: interstate or other long-distance restricted-access road
> * highway=trunk: fast, busy State Highway or US Highway, often NHS/STRAHNET
> * highway=primary: major State Highway or US Highway
> * highway=secondary: other State Highway or major County Road
> * highway=tertiary: other through route, often a County Road, usually paved
> with centreline
> * highway=unclassified: rural minor route, sometimes a County Road, paved
> unless tagged otherwise
> * highway=residential: minor public road intended for residential access
> rather than through route, paved unless tagged otherwise
>   (N.B. currently not safe to assume paved in rural areas where
> tiger:reviewed=no)
> * highway=track: ungraded or rough, but usable by some four-wheeled vehicles

> There are many, many variations, especially because the US doesn't have a
> single nationwide system like most European countries, but if I had to sum
> it up in a few words I'd choose the above.

While most places in the US commonly use some variation of the above,
not all places use the same variation (and that wouldn't make sense
either). Using a common tagging scheme is probably much easier on a
state by state level, so we should have wiki pages describing how
suggested tagging in one specific state is different than the one
described on the US road tagging guide. We have those pages for some
states; problem is that many "drive-by-mappers" don't bother to look at
them but use their one (undocumented) criteria. One example would be a
mapper who changed all highways in Montana connecting to a port of entry
and onward to a Canadian highway to primary. Many of these are unpaved
"Montana Secondary State Highways" which I converted back to tertiary,
as described on the Montana/Highways wiki page.


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