[Talk-us] MO Stare Road Classifications.

OSM Volunteer stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Sun Mar 5 19:31:52 UTC 2017

> I was thinking of using MODOT Functional classification maps to set roads to.  Basically the following:
> Interstate : motorway
> Freeway and Expressway : trunk
> Other Principal Arterial : primary
> Minor Arterial : secondary
> Major Collector : tertiary
> Minor Collector : unclassified
> Local : residential

I would say "almost, but not quite."  Interstate and Freeway, both highway=motorway.  Expressway, highway=trunk.

The remainder seem correct, except that you might consider Local to also be highway=unclassified, unless you know Local to be explicitly abutted by residences in all cases, then highway=residential is distinctly correct.


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