[Talk-us] How to apply changesets

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Mar 12 09:14:33 UTC 2017


On 11.03.2017 15:48, David Niklas wrote:
> 1: Do I need every changes set or just the latest of the year?

You don't say exactly what you want to achieve so I can't tell you
exactly what you need. In your subject you talk about changesets, but it
seems that you are concerned about diff updates published on
openstreetmap.org. If that'S the case: They are not cumulative; you have
to find out what the timestamp of your data set is and download those
between then and now.

Osmosis' "read-replication-interval" action can help you keep track of
how current your data is, and download all changesets between then and
now, and combine them into one automatically.

> 2: If I need multiple changesets, can I apply them all at once using
> multiple --read-xml-change directives?

Yes, *and* multiple --apply-change of course. But if you use
"read-replication-interval" then you will only deal with one diff file
that has all the changes.


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