[Talk-us] Building Footprints in CA

OSM Volunteer stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Thu Mar 30 17:21:02 UTC 2017

Brian M Hamlin maplabs at light42.com writes:
I have been working with 2D building footprints from LA and other counties here in Berkeley on a research project, using a PostGIS/GDAL stack and a libosimum tool, among others.. 
The project is broadly named  "California OpenData ECN" .. I am committed to an open data process. Not much more to say at this moment, but I am reading this and want to contribute in some way, when thats possible. 

Excellent!  How fortunate that talk-us has allowed this sort of broad-reach connection to occur; it's nice when we resonate on same or similar frequencies.  Brian's blurb about his technical stack (PostGIS/GDAL) exactly mimics how Kevin (Kenny) recently mentioned how he has approached similar Big Data projects:  "pour the shapefiles into PostGIS using ogr2ogr."  Nathan (well, maybe NOT Nathan...), that seems a decent initial approach to take to split apart the Microsoft data's Bay Area file of 3+million objects, a project to which I haven't the volunteer bandwidth to offer right now.  Brian, thank you very much for your participation and any continuing future collaboration you might be able to offer to help blend/merge these endeavors.  I encourage you to remain in listening mode and speak up when it makes sense.

The potential harmony between Brian's building data footprint project and the availability (I hesitate to say "early stages of a Microsoft data import," as we haven't even the roughest sketch of a project proposal, let alone a formal import proposal) bodes well for a future of California (and other places where the Microsoft data exist) building footprint data coming into OSM.  Somehow, if we keep the good intentions and good communications moving ahead towards good consensus, I think we can get there.  But again, it is a gigantic project, and it goes without saying once again that it must be done correctly within OSM's community (import) guidelines.

Very much in listening mode,


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