[Talk-us] Bicycle infrastructure

OSM Volunteer stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Wed Oct 4 21:46:44 UTC 2017

Martijn and this thread's contributors:

Yes to everything!  Thanks for the OT snippet, that's helpful and benefits from additional suggestions like sharrows as cycleway=shared_lane, cycleway=buffered_lane, and importantly, shoulder and surface data.

While infrastructure is important (critical, in fact), please also include 


in that OT query, if you might.  (Or, perhaps as a separate query with the same area[name="Utah"]->.a; enveloping it).  Important things to check on in those results would be if the members of such relations contain exclusively bicycle infrastructure, and if not, tagging the member elements properly so they do.  And, check the relation tags so they are sensible and in correct networks (lcn, rcn, ncn).  Please read wiki docs if it isn't clear, but note that mountain bike routes (route=mtb, of which I'm sure Utah has many) are different than route=bicycle.  Please assure such routes are tagged accordingly.

GO Utah bicycling, and find out how taking OSM with you (on your smartphone or GPS as a map or route, for example) is awesome!


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