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> I think this is the best 'procedure' we have -- discussion. It can take a long time, but it
> is the only way to ensure a broad spectrum of opinions is heard. This is one of the
> important things that set us apart from other maps, where decisions about these
> topics are made for you.
> That said -- yes it can be frustrating that some topics never seem to get resolved. In
> part this is the nature of a collaborative project.. But in this case, I tried to propose
> something actionable (a proposal for a
> definition) based on past and fresh insights. My hope is that it leads there is enough
> of a consensus to improve the wiki.
> What would you propose we do instead?
> Martijn


This subject was discussed at great length in the Wiki on this page[1], beginning ten years ago.  No conclusion was reached.  There were basically three main ways of classifying roads that were proposed:  based on administrative level, based on physical characteristics, and functional classification.  It seems these systems are mutually exclusive, so in my opinion we must agree to adopt one of these classifications as the foundation of our tagging system (possibly with some agreed-upon exceptions).  Unless we do that, I believe this discussion will go on forever, because each system has some merits.


[1] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Talk:United_States_roads_tagging

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