[Talk-us] [OSM-talk] Redacting 75, 000 street names contributed by user chdr

Tod Fitch tod at fitchdesign.com
Sun Oct 8 22:00:48 UTC 2017

FYI, I reviewed the ways with redacted names in California (all in San Diego County) and where possible set the names per Tiger 2017 data. In most cases the names set by chdr matched the Tiger names but there were some exceptions.

There are a roads that did not have names showing in the Tiger 2017 overlay image layer in JOSM. Unfortunately there was no Mapillary imagery for guidance on those so they were left unnamed.


> On Oct 7, 2017, at 4:47 PM, Frederik Ramm <frederik at remote.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> On 27.09.2017 21:49, Martijn van Exel wrote:
>> That is helpful. Let us know when you have re-executed the analysis and
>> posted the results.
> http://www.remote.org/frederik/tmp/chdr.details
> A new list (CSV file) with way id, coordinates, and country/state/county
> information. I've eliminated all objects that have been reported to be
> ok, and plan to remove or change the names on these remaining ones. (To
> avoid misunderstandings: There's a column in the file that says what I
> plan to do, either "change to XYZ" or "delete", but that does NOT mean
> "delete the object", just "delete the name tag"!)
> I'll start doing that in ~ 20 hours from now.
> I'll then redact the versions that carried the "bad" name.
> The redaction will also affect a few historic objects that *used* to
> have a "bad" name and where the name has meanwhile been changed again,
> or where the object has been deleted; these redactions will be of little
> consequence.
> Bye
> Frederik
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