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Clifford Snow clifford at snowandsnow.us
Fri Oct 13 14:48:37 UTC 2017

I live in the west coast of the US where manually surveying waterways is
not only difficult, but almost impossible. I can't quantify how much as
been cleaned up, but I do know of efforts to fix problems. For example,
most of the waterways in the Olympic Peninsula were reversed. That's been
fix. (I did a few, but another mapper did just about everything else.) I
regularly improve waterways and waterbodies around me. Just recently I
added names to lakes and lagoons in Island County.

The difficulty in physically mapping waterways is so expensive that our
state and counties have dropped most efforts to map them, instead they use
NHD data. The counties do mapping of salmon stream but doing so requires
hiring companies to fly drones equipped with LIDAR to map the stream. My
own county is even looking at OSM data because we have been improving the
waterways from imagery.

Frederik, I'm not sure what you are suggesting. Too many tags on NHD
imported data, that we should import data, or not enough love is being
given to streams and lakes? I certainly hope you are not suggesting we
revert all the steams and waterbodies.

One study on imports is inciteful, but hardly the last word. I hope to
discuss the report with the author later this month. I have some questions
about his findings and how much we can infer from them.


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