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On Fri, Oct 13, 2017 at 11:00 PM, Evin Fairchild <evindfair at gmail.com>

> Another thing worth adding is that if we do decide to tag two-lane roads
> as trunk, you will still be able to tell the undivided two-lane roads apart
> from the divided four-lane roads, even at zoom 5. I'm sure many of you have
> noticed if you've looked at Canada at zoom 5, you can see that some of the
> trunks are thicker than others. If you zoom in more, you'll notice that
> said thicker roads are divided/ dual carriageway, whereas the thinner ones
> are undivided roads. Also, the same is true with motorways, so we could
> theoretically tag super-twos as motorways and still tell them apart from
> actual Interstate freeways. This has been done extensively in New Brunswick
> and Nova Scotia, and I quite like it. But we probably shouldn't go down
> that rabbit hole at this point...

I also disagree with the idea that (at least in the US, though also
relevant to the rest of North America to a lesser extent) a super-2
qualifies as a motorway.  I generally consider the minimum requirements for
motorway as dual carriageway, with each carriageway having a minimum of two
lanes, barring temporary traffic controls (such as a reduction to one lane
each way, undivided, very common when a DOT needs to restrict access
completely to one motorway for routine maintenance or immediately after a
major disaster; most frequently personally experienced in California,
Oklahoma and Kansas, and routinely planned for to the extent that permanent
crossover "X" links are installed regularly in Kansas and Oklahoma).
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