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+10 to what AlaskaDave said

I myself want to be beautiful and accurate,
I make with accuracy 1 point on 1..2 meters, on the exact perimeter of the
lake (accuracy 30 ... 50 centimeters from the coastline)
then I am simplifying (because it requires

Simplification creates such a crap, as you led me to an example

if I do not make it easier - I will be blocked again (((

2017-10-11 06:56:40 UTC bdiscoe Hi, I ran simplify with a 90cm threshold.
That is very conservative for a remote, wild area of mud and tundra. As for
accuracy, I ran the JOSM validator and fixed many of the issues you left,
with multipolygon ways intersecting each other, overlapping ways, and many
other problems. It is fixed now...

Define the trouble please what you want to have quality,
because the simplification script is a standard simplification of JOSM

*The basis I use is:*

DigitalGlobe Premium:

DigitalGlobe Standard:  (if on DG-premium clouds)

*I look forward to the answer to what is the understanding of how exactly
it is necessary for the region of Alaska to carry out the mapping of

*Until there is a final agreed answer,* I will put roads in the reserves,
and correct the inaccuracies of the coastline (editing existing lines)


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