[Talk-us] Undiscussed mass-revert by user Nakaner-repair

Christoph Hormann osm at imagico.de
Fri Apr 20 16:15:03 UTC 2018

On Friday 20 April 2018, Ian Dees wrote:
> I'd be interested in seeing all of these reverts reverted (at least
> in the US) until discussion can take place.

I don't know about these changes or the reverts of them in detail but on 
a general note here:  If mappers find edits they consider 
questionable - either factually or methodologically - and attempts to 
get in contact with the mapper making those edits fail it is commonly 
accepted practice that mappers can revert such changes.  This happens 
every day many times all over the world and is a good way to reduce the 
workload of the DWG by not getting them involved in all the small 
matters mappers can resolve between each other.

OTOH reverting an edit, even if that edit itself is a revert, without 
trying to discuss it with the mapper making it, is generally not 
considered to be acceptable.

I don't want to assess Nakaner's edits with that but your call for a 
blanket revert of them without a previous discussion giving him the 
chance to explain his intentions with those edits and their merit would 
not be in line with established practice in OSM.

If what the discussion on the German forum indicates is accurate, i.e. 
that there is a group of mappers performing organized edits which 
reject attempts to contact them and evade blocks established to ensure 
they do not continue without getting in contact with the community by 
creating sockpuppet accounts, i am pretty sure the local US community 
does not want this to continue in their domain and how to best 
accompish that would be a good subject of discussion.

Christoph Hormann

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