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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Feb 12 16:50:46 UTC 2018


On 12.02.2018 17:21, Margaret Sekscinski wrote:
> Please let me know if we can answer any questions!

I notice that the "addr:full" problem from the previous Walmart import
hasn't been resolved. Is this an oversight, or was there a decision by
the community that it's fine to have addr:full instead of proper
addr:street/addr:housenumber etc. tags?

The wiki currently says, about addr:full: "Use this for a full-text,
often multi-line, address if you find the structured address fields
unsuitable for denoting the address of this particular location." and
goes on to warn: "Beware that these strings can hardly be parsed by
software: "1200 West Sunset Boulevard Suite 110A" is still better
represented as addr:housenumber=1200 + addr:street=West Sunset Boulevard
+ addr:flats=Suite 110A."

Since we're only talking 150 or so points here, would it be too much to
ask to specify the correct addresses for each instead of relying on
community members to repair the data post-import?


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