[Talk-us] Rural US: Correcting Original TIGER Imported Ways

Mike N niceman at att.net
Mon Feb 26 03:53:05 UTC 2018

On 2/25/2018 9:14 PM, Nick Hocking wrote:
> Paul wrote  "Or maybe the unedited original TIGER that's still around 
> dropped to
> highway=road.  "
> Given that the *vast* majority of these (with no name) are completely 
> fictional, and even those that aren't, are so out of position and so 
> wrongly connected as to render them worse than useless, I believe that 
> deletion is the only sensible option.

   Deletion is highly dependent on the quality of TIGER ways in each 
region: many TIGER roads near me were directly derived from government 
data, probably 0.1cm accuracy.   I haven't gone out to collect surface 
type, speed limits, lane configurations confirmed road name and 
therefore not touched them but they're very serviceable for automobile 

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