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>   1. Satus CDP (Clifford Snow)

In the middle of the Yakama Nation Indian Reservation sits Satus [1] that
as far as I know only exists in some Census bureaucrat world. Asking around
here I haven't found anyone familiar with the area. Wikipedia [2] doesn't
help much either.

I'd like to remove it from OSM. What reasonable checks do I need to do
before> deleting it.

The Yakima Tribe has a GIS Department
<http://www.yakamanation-nsn.gov/programs.php>, also Yakima County
<http://co.yakima.wa.us/1374/GIS-Mapping> - I'd pop them a note.

Also the Tribal Cultural Center <http://www.yakamamuseum.com/home.php>.
>From the WA State metadata, Satus falls in the contested treaty lands zone.
Under various legal and administration perspectives, BIA reservation
boundaries are not the last word. There are many situations where tribes
have influence over areas outside reservation boundaries. It might even
spur them and their members to contribute to the map.

Inversely, it might have been dropped from the Census on their request -
some place names have a negative historical narrative.

Having the US Census import as the origin of much map creates these
situations - a place name may be hugely important to the local community,
for instance, because it is a cross roads, or has some sort of other
centrality, but appears to have nothing 'on the ground'. The main goal of
the census was statistical areas, since the roads are readily available
'boundary' they are their, but their actual spatial accuracy is irrelevant
to some extent - but topology was critical. .

i.e. "ask the locals" :-)

   - *Mission Statement: Provide the Nation with relevant and reliable
   geographic and parcel information for all lands of tribal interest. This
   information supports tribal resource specialists in creating innovative
   management solutions while protecting the rights guaranteed the Yakama
   Nation by the Treaty of June 9, 1855. (509) 865-5121 Ext. 4647*

Michael Patrick
Data Ferret

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