[Talk-us] Potential vandalism in Northern California (Pokémon Go?)

Greg Troxel gdt at lexort.com
Thu Jan 4 01:24:01 UTC 2018

I think the National Park term causes a lot of problems.   As I see it,
there are two kinds of places:

  1) a natural area with some accomodation for human use, which is mostly
  natural except for a few bits.

  2) a semi-natural area which has grass and trees (instead of
  concrete), but is fairly manicured.  In this way it is more like a
  maintained garden than wilderness..

Both of these exist at various scales.

Point 1 is leisure=nature_reserve, more or less.  If there is legal
protection (which is separate from what's there now), it should get
some sort of "landuse=conservation", "boundary=protected_area", or the
special kind of protected_area with an implied leisure=nature_reserve
known as boundary=national_park.

Point 2 is leisure=park.

In New England, in type 1 you are probably going to get ticks, and in
type 2 you probably aren't.

One of the real difficulties is that in areas athat are type 1, such as
a lot of state parks, and national parks, there are significant
sub-areas, often bigger than many town parks, that are very much type 2.

As an example, in Yellowstone, the 6 or so villages where there are
hotels, general stores, maybe a gas station, places with picnic tables,
boardwalks, feel like type 2.   But once you leave those pretty small
areas, you are almost in wilderness.

A "conservation area" in my town might be only 100 acres.  You are in
the forest, with just a cleared trail and blazes.  But at the entrance,
there is a dirt parking lot and a sign with a map.  This is a type 1
area with a very small (enough for 10 cars) part that almost feels a
little type 2 (except the parking lot is barely usable), but it's so
small we just call it type 1.

Whether anybody (administrator of thing or not) uses the work Park is
not relevant at all.
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