[Talk-us] New to lists and would like to suggest some imports

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Jan 9 08:29:39 UTC 2018


On 09.01.2018 01:54, Russell Meier wrote:
> I am new to the idea of discussing additions to OSM and like to do my
> best to follow best practices in suggesting an import. I am not sure
> were to start.

First of all, be aware that data imports are not the normal way in which
data is added to OpenStreetMap. They are an exception. Opinions are
divided about whether they are good or bad and I won't go into that now,
but largely OpenStreetMap is a project of citizen cartographers (making
the map themselves) and not an IT project that focuses on the
assimilation of data sets created by others.

Even where data is imported to "kick-start" the map, the imported data
is never the last word; it will be modified, updated, improved by
volunteers through manual work later.

It is therefore a very good idea to earn your stripes by doing some
old-fashioned manual mapping yourself before embarking on a grand import
project; that way you'll get a better idea of working with the data as a
mapper, of what makes sense and what doesn't. Of just how precise you'd
like a building footprint to be when you edit it by hand later, and so on.


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