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Wed Jan 31 16:30:14 UTC 2018

On Wed, Jan 31, 2018 at 9:54 AM, Max Erickson <maxerickson at gmail.com> wrote:

> I took note of it just seeing the name in parking lots in towns and on
> obvious driveways. It seems armchair cleanup would be able to address
> those.
> Maybe I will get over my reticence to edit the wiki and make a page
> for listing these sorts of "structural" issues with Tiger data. Could
> also list things like counties with *extremely* poor geometry or high
> numbers of service roads imported as residential.

OK, yeah, obvious driveways are a different thing. When I saw the
original message, I had in mind more things like:

Cheney Pond Road:
(need to verify that this is passable - I have reason to believe that it
is, at least for a 4WD)

Cheney Pond-Irishtown snowmobile trail:
This one inexplicably stops at the ford at the ruined dam on Lester
Flow. It's in fact continuous with Cheney Pond Road in Irishtown:
which is mislabeled; only the short section up to Shevlin
Road is called Byrnes Road. I have it on good authority that
this road is gated at both ends, but there are still a handful of
landowners who have inholdings at the edge of the Hoffman
Notch Wilderness, have the keys to the gate, and access
their holdings by 4WD or ATV.

Mud Mountain Horse Trail:

(Mostly part of) the abandoned Grass[e] River Railroad [1915-1957]
(usable as a MTB trail but you have to be careful of the ties):

About half part of the Grass[e] River right-of-way and about half
I-don't-know-what. https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/8752087

These facts are from second-hand local knowledge and non-free
published sources, so I don't feel comfortable putting anything into
OSM until and unless I survey that area. (Which I may do in 3-4
years, as part of a different project entirely.)

I suppose that if someone wanted to remove the names 'Adirondack
Park' and 'Adirondack Park Preserve' from all the roads in that area,
leaving them nameless, I wouldn't make much of a fuss. The
name doesn't add useful information. I simply haven't bothered
on ways that I haven't surveyed, because of all the other issues.
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