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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Mar 2 08:05:24 UTC 2018


On 02.03.2018 00:21, Ian Dees wrote:
> I disagree that this is a "fight". Have we attempted to reach out to the
> people running this operation? 

I've come across a lot of edits where mappers had written changeset
comments against one of these one-off accounts, and were met with
silence. It's not normally something the individual mapper would
escalate - they write a comment and then forget about it, or simply fix
it themselves after a while.

I have also (sorry for the "lurkers support me in email" argument)
received positive feedback from mappers about my deleting of
advertising; twice, a mapper wrote to me along the lines of: "I've been
annoyed by this for a while but I didn't dare remove it".

> Have we asked the Operations team to
> correlate IP address for the accounts that are created and used once?

I have on occasion done that with my DWG hat on (when there was a
particular flood of such edits) and it was usually possible to identify
an IP address or email domain which was then blocked. However this is
usually doesn't help for long.

I don't think we're dealing with one single opponent here, I think
there's an industry out there, and even if you successfully stop one
firm from harming OSM, there'll be the next one just around the corner.
If you get one to play by the rules, there will be the next one sensing
a business advantage by ignoring the rules. (Or "being disruptive" in
modern speak.)

> Have we looked at what email addresses they use when signing up for
> clues? It would be great to have these folks contributing the
> non-advertising parts in a manner consistent with the rest of the
> community, and perhaps they'd be willing to adjust their practices if we
> are able to ask them.

I don't know. It has never worked when I tried but I might not have
tried hard enough. I think their (and their clients') interests differ
too strongly from ours. Their goal is certainly not making the best map
(or the best geodatabase).

> Also, your characterization of US mappers being more lax about this is a
> little insulting. 

The US mappers are not more lax, but there simply are less of them, and
they are concerned with more important things than watching their home
turf for an unwanted item. Combine this with a more intensive spam
activity in the US than elsewhere (some spammers operate world wide but
many seem concentrated on the US even if they hail from non-US IPs) and
you get the current over-abundance of spam in the US. It's not your
fault, and I'm not pointing a finger - I'm asking for help.

There's certainly things that can be done policy-wise, establishing
rules that can then be communicated to those willing to play by them;
the upcoming directed editing policy will be helpful in outlining
acceptable behaviour for groups who wish to contribute business
information. But that's a different activity; the advertising that we
currently have in OSM must be weeded out no matter what.


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