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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Mar 2 08:56:27 UTC 2018


On 02.03.2018 01:17, Mike N wrote:
> This is a good time to bring up the subject because the recent
> 'locksmith' advertising was most bothersome: partly because the
> locksmith industry as a whole in the US is as shady as you can get while
> being barely legal, and partly because I'm sure the physical locations
> had no relevance; almost no one goes to a 'locksmith shop' to get their
> car door unlocked, and many of them just operate out of their residence.

Yes, the locksmith advertising was one step up again - this wasn't even
"unwanted advertising for a legitimate business" but "unwanted
advertising for a scam". One mapper had verified one of the "local
locksmith" locations in person and found it to be bogus, then called the
telephone number given and was connected to (he said) an "outsourced
answering serivice".

The list I posted does contain a number of businesses that sound a bit
shady - if not outright scams, then at least preying on those in
difficult situations. Loan sharks, lawyers with dubious offers, people
who claim to buy homes for cash and the like. Sometimes it's hard to
tell from the outside.


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