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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Mar 3 00:12:28 UTC 2018


On 03/03/2018 12:32 AM, OSM Volunteer stevea wrote:
> Even as I knew my "contact one SEO/Marketing firm, see what happens" approach was quite pedestrian 

I'd like to think of your approach - contact the business that is
advertised, through the contact channel they voluntarily publish, and
ask whom they've contracted for advertising - as the "front door"
approach which I find preferable to the "back door" of trawling our logs
for IP numbers and trying to find out who's behind it. Firstly, the
"back door" approach is limited to those in OSM who have the requisite
privileged access; secondly, it is likely to land you with
subcontractors who have little interest in a cooperative future vision
because they're just doing what they are told.

So +1 for more people following the front door approach, and compiling a
list of SEO companies and cataloguing their efforts and reaching out to
them to politely requires compliance. In my opinion, this is something
we should do as a community, locally, and not wait for someone to lead
the effort.

I think that "making it easier for them to conform" should have its
limits in us defining and communicating the envelope of acceptable
contribution. Suggesting that it should be us who develop software or
invest time in curating third-party data sets would sound a bit
disingenious to me; next thing that someone suggests is because we're
doing their work for them we should also charge them? I wouldn't want to
go down that route.

And of course the non-confrontational approach can only ever be the
carrot, and there must be a stick to complement it. For every conformant
SEO company there will be a dozen who try to game the system, because
gaming systems is their core business, that's what they do with Google &
Co.; and even if we found some way to keep more advertising from
entering OSM, there's several thousand advertising POIs in OSM in the US
alone and they won't magically go away. So let's roll up our sleeves and
get to work.


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