[Talk-us] 'address' tags in Massachusetts

Greg Troxel gdt at lexort.com
Mon Mar 26 00:17:12 UTC 2018

There is a talk-us-massachusetts@ and I think review of your proposed
mechanical edit should include that list.

I suspect people would be amenable, but it would be good to publish the
code, and the proposed files to upload, so that they can be reviewed.
(I'm not clear on the rules for mechanical edits; I'm just asking for
that as a local who is not comfortable with non-trivial mechanical edits
without published code.)

Also, it certainly makes sense that there are some values that are hard
to parse.  The obvious approach is to just leave them out (and leave
them for manual fixing or another day), but I'm not really sure exactly
what you are proposing to do.

As for nodes with both the old addr tag and new ones, you imply that the
simplest way is to clean them up before a mechanical edit.  But that
implies that if they aren't fixed first, you might do something to those
nodes, and that seems against the spirit of the mechanical edit policy,
which involves refraining from changes that you can't basically prove
are correct.  But I don't expect you'd be doing that, so perhaps you can
expand on what you meant.

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