[Talk-us] California is too big :)

Brian M Hamlin maplabs at light42.com
Tue Nov 6 14:36:49 UTC 2018

Hi OSM US List -

  California native and current resident here --
while implementing California urban planning analysis a few years ago, 
we used a grouping based on the transportation governance here. 
The grouping is shown graphically in a blog post [0]
  CA Landuse is governed at the county level, with associations of counties
for regional planning (water, public transportation). So the groups are
by county, without a doubt. 
  Intuitively, large metro areas are one group each - Sacramento area, 
San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles.   San Diego county stands alone. 
The remainder of the state has so few people, that very large areas are
just one group each - Central Coast, Sierras, Northern California (vast). 
   This might be a guide for some future OSM extracts.. 
County details on request. 
[0] http://blog.light42.com/wordpress/?p=1439

Brian M Hamlin

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