[Talk-us] California is too big ;)

Greg Troxel gdt at lexort.com
Tue Nov 6 15:27:30 UTC 2018

Luis Villa <luis at lu.is> writes:

>> My guess is the only split that the majority in the state would instantly
>> recognize would be “Northern California” and “Southern California”. However
>> exactly where that split occurs is likely to be contested. :)
>> Were I to hazard a guess, I would start on the coast somewhere around San
>> Luis Obispo
> I think Tod is correct here that north/south is the only split most
> Californians would recognize, and that the dividing line is not consistent.
> (You might also get a "Central California" from some folks, but the
> dividing lines there would be similarly fuzzy.) My wife grew up in San Luis
> Obispo, and people from LA tend to say she's from Northern California and
> San Franciscans say she's from Southern California.

I'm someone who has only been to California occasionally, and for me
also the north/south split is the one that seems the most likely for
many to be able to grasp.

I have never heard of "six californias" in any coherent way; it seemed
new on reading.  And I would have little clue about the edges of those
boundaries even seeing the list of names.  So I think that's not a good
idea, because split extracts need to target being understood by

I would of course recommend listening to locals about exactly shere
between SF and LA the line is, and I would align to counties so that
each county is in north or south, and have the east-west line more or
less try to follow latitude from the breakpoint from the coast.

With a N/S split like we are converging on, most users that are ok with
half will guess right the first time, and people that care about areas
near the border will get it that they are near the border and need both
or the whole thing.

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