[Talk-us] Thoughts on a standard "ref" abbreviation for PA Turnpike?

Albert Pundt roadsguy99 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 11 00:50:17 UTC 2018

Does anyone object to the use of "PATP" as the ref equivalent for the PA
Turnpike? Particularly for destination:ref tags, as the Turnpike keystone
shield is used on most guide signs for ramps onto the Turnpike. However,
since it's not used as a reassurance marker*, I don't think it should be
added as a ref tag on the ways (i.e. ref=I 76;PATP) as is done on the New
Jersey Turnpike, which does have its shield on pull-through signs and

This sort of abbreviation is already standard practice in New Jersey (for
the NJTP, GSP, and ACE) and New York (all the parkways), which have
standard shields used on guide signs.

This would apply to the mainline (I-76 and I-276) and the Northeast
Extension (I-476), but not the newer four extensions (PA Tpke 43, 66, 576,
and I-376).

*There is now one set of signs eastbound on the mainline PA Turnpike
approaching the Willow Grove (PA 611) interchange that has the PA Turnpike
shield on the pull-through side. However, this was put up within the past
two months and is not nearly common enough to base system-wide practice on.

—Albert Pundt
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