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Thu Nov 15 14:11:49 UTC 2018

Just a quick thought, but have you checked out the Conflation plug-in in
JOSM? Assuming the hydrant number that will go in your ref tag is unique,
that would be an easy way to match or use a search radius on already mapped
hydrants and then merge tags.

The only other issue I could see is that you'll probably need to check how
closely the hydrant locations jive with OSM data. In other words, is the
precise location of the fire hydrant important, or its relative location
from a nearby street/building/landmark in OSM?

Your city data may be extremely precise and is likely based on a local
coordinate reference system (CRS), whereas data in OSM may have been
armchair mapped from different imagery with good or poor alignment over
time (and uses WGS84). Depending on the quality of both datasets,
reprojecting may solve some of the issues but you may have to do some
manual review starting out.


On Thu, Nov 15, 2018, 8:00 AM <smocktaylor at gmail.com wrote:

> I am in the process of talking to my local city GIS office about
> importing their fire hydrant dataset. I will then (probably) expand to
> the other municipalities in my area, and then stop there.
> One of their concerns is keeping the data on OSM up to date.
> I'll be talking to them on Friday, November 16th, 2018.
> Tags that are user visible on their arcgis application and probable
> relevant tags in OSM:
> Hydrant Number => ref
> Test Date => check_date, operational_status:date, or survey:date
> Pressure - Static/Residual => fire_hydrant:pressure (maybe add a new
> tags for difference in static/residual pressures?)
> Flow Rate => flow_rate (probably), possibly use fire:hydrant:awwa_class
> Flow at 20 PSI => No tagging scheme for this yet. Maybe add a new tag
> for that, like flow_rate:<PSI>?
> Model Number => model (maybe add manufacturer as well)
> Owner => operator (probably change CITY to "City of Grand Junction, CO"
> or similar)
> Route Number => I have no clue what this is for
> Tags that I intend to add either manually or through using the model
> number:
> fire_hydrant:diameter
> couplings
> couplings:type
> couplings:diameters
> pillar:type
> water_source
> wrench, cap:wrench (currently under discussion on OpenStreetMap wiki)
> Advantages of an import:
> Data comes from an official source and is unlikely to be outdated
> I don't have to map every fire hydrant manually
> Disadvantages of an import
> May conflict with some of my fire hydrant edits.
> Assumption that the dataset is complete (it isn't, but it is close)
> When running the import, I intend to do the following:
> 1) Do a download via overpass of fire hydrants
> 2) Using hydrants that I know exist in their dataset and OSM, write a
> validation rule to ensure that no two hydrants are closer than 10
> feet/3 meters (assuming it is possible to do that using
> validator.mapcss rules)
> 3) Write validation rules to automagically add additional information
> to the fire hydrants, based off of spec sheets
> Somewhere in there, mess around with osmsync in order to enable easier
> updating of the data.
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