[Talk-us] Grand Junction, CO Fire Hydrant Import

smocktaylor at gmail.com smocktaylor at gmail.com
Sat Nov 17 11:29:53 UTC 2018

I did know that I would have to use usgal/min in the tag for the
import. I would probably add a validator rule to check that tag and
ensure that "usgal/min" is at the end.

Maybe something like this:
*[emergency=fire_hydrant][flow_rate=~/^\d$/][inside("US")] {
	throwError: tr("The US flow rate is usually usgal/min");
	/* TODO test */
	fixAdd: concat("{0.tag}", " usgal/min");
	assertMatch: "node emergency=fire_hydrant flow_rate=24000";
	assertNoMatch: "node emergency=fire_hydrant flow_rate=\"24000
*[emergency=fire_hydrant][flow_rate!~/^.*usgal\/min$/][inside("US")] {
	throwError: tr("The US flow rate is usgal/min");
	suggestAlternative: tr("Check the flow rate units");
	assertMatch: "node emergency=fire_hydrant flow_rate=24000";
	assertMatch: "node emergency=fire_hydrant flow_rate=\"24000
	assertNoMatch: "node emergency=fire_hydrant flow_rate=\"24000

I was looking at the fact that the city data apparently has two
different tags, one for when the hydrant is not under pressure, and one
for when the hydrant is under pressure (when being pumped, presumably).

After some consideration, if I have to keep just one, I will probably
keep the flow_rate for when the hydrant is under pressure, since that
roughly conforms with the fire:hydrant:awwa_class.

Also, I've been told that the vast majority of the hydrants were
surveyed, so I would assume that the accuracy is very high for the
actual position (probably within 6 inches).
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