[Talk-us] Short 'connector' roads -- _link or not?

Martijn van Exel m at rtijn.org
Tue Nov 20 22:06:06 UTC 2018

As I was creating more ‘unnamed roads’ challenges in MapRoulette, and spot checking them, I came across a number of cases like this one:


To my mind these need to be fixed, but I wanted to ask here first, so I can get the instructions right.  
Either such a segment is part of a 3 or 4 way intersection of higher class dual carriageway roads, in which case it should probably be named. 
Or as in this case, it is an extension of the service road, and it should be highway=service and remain unnamed like the service road itself.
..And I guess a third case is like https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/288576287 , which should be a _link?

Advice welcome!


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