[Talk-us] Naming numbered roads as "State Route X", "Interstate X", etc.

Albert Pundt roadsguy99 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 1 02:06:50 UTC 2018

I notice the user SSR_317 has been adding the route numbers of unnamed
roads to the name=* tag of roads around Indianapolis. For example,
465, name=US 31, name=State Route 37, etc. Isn't this practice frowned upon
as being redundant and not reflecting the lack of a proper name to the
road? This seems to be the case around the country. All route numbers were
listed in alternate names of the roads in the original TIGER data, but the
vast majority of these have been removed in favor of route relations and
ref=* tags.

I removed these name tags from the affected roads, but the user has since
re-added them.

—Albert Pundt
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