[Talk-us] Naming numbered roads as "State Route X", "Interstate X", etc.

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  Subject: [Talk-us] Naming numbered roads as "State Route X", "Interstate X", etc.
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  I notice the user SSR_317 has been adding the route numbers of unnamed
  roads to the name=* tag of roads around Indianapolis. For example,
  465, name=US 31, name=State Route 37, etc. Isn't this practice frowned upon
  as being redundant and not reflecting the lack of a proper name to the
  road? This seems to be the case around the country. All route numbers were
  listed in alternate names of the roads in the original TIGER data, but the
  vast majority of these have been removed in favor of route relations and
  ref=* tags.

  I removed these name tags from the affected roads, but the user has since
  re-added them.

Seconded or thirded: a route number is not an actual name and does not
belong in the name tag, or even alt_name.

This has come up (in discussion, not actual edits as far as I know)
because there are some roads in Massachusetts that have actual names and
route numbers (example: name="Grand Army of the Republic Highway"
ref="US 6"), but for reasons unknown there are street addresses like
"3570 Route 6".  Even though there is zero evidence that "Route 6" is is
any way a street name.   As far as I know this is limited to on the
order of a half dozen roads, 1 US highway and about 5 state highways,
mainly in the southeast and cape.

So beyond agreeing that sticking things in name (presumably on the
notion that everything should have a name, even though that notion is
confused as the real world does not have that property), I wanted to
point out that just because a building near a road has an *address* with
a name, doesn't mean that the road itself has that name.

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