[Talk-us] Naming numbered roads as "State Route X", "Interstate X", etc.

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Mon Sep 3 01:16:23 UTC 2018

On Sun, Sep 2, 2018 at 6:29 PM Kevin Kenny <kevin.b.kenny at gmail.com> wrote:

> Heh. Sometimes you have to wait a long time. The signage on 'Avenue of
> the Americas' in New York City has said that since the 1950's. The
> Postal Service prefers that name on street addresses.  New Yorkers
> call it Sixth Avenue, which confuses the tourists no end.  Likewise,
> to a New Yorker, Bruckner Boulevard goes over the Triboro[ugh] Bridge
> coming out of the Bronx. The signs say I-278 and Robert F. Kennedy
> Bridge. The locals never do. When asked about them, the likely
> response will be something like, 'oh, yeah, they renamed one of the
> bridges for Bobby Kennedy, didn't they?"

Reminds me of how long it took Portland to phase in Martin Luther King,
Junior Boulevard, and old timers for various reasons (many of them rather
reprehensible) that still call that street "Union Avenue" or even it's even
older name, "Railroad Avenue"...

> > Sometimes, the name really is "Highway 66" or "Route 22." Admittedly, it
> can sometimes be hard to tell for sure without local knowledge. As long as
> people do their best and aren't dogmatic about it when someone who knows
> better comes along in the future it will all work out in the end.
> ^ This.  The name of a geographic feature is what the locals call it.
> Why should 150th Street be a name, but County Road 34 have to be
> relegated to noname=yes if it has no other name? (Then again, I come
> from a part of the world that has settlements named Number Four,
> Township 40, and Thirteenth Lake. Those things all started out as
> reference numbers but are now established names.)

It's pretty common for county roads to not have names, only refs, though.
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