[Talk-us] NYC Name Vandalism

Greg Troxel gdt at lexort.com
Wed Sep 5 14:23:00 UTC 2018

I tend to agree that automated systems are going to be not that useful.

I tend to notice some things in my area, but it's hard to keep track.

This makes me wonder about a tool that

  - lets people sign up to watch edits, in some area, or in general,
    sort of like maproulette.   Use some scoring system where new
    mappers edits are more likely to be looked at by somebody, and
    people who claim an area as theirs are more likely to get shown
    edits there, or maybe let people get all edits in some bbox

  - lets people give a rating to a changeset, something like:
       i) high priority for inspection by others
       ii) worthy of being checked by a local
       iii) probably ok
       iv) definitely ok

  - presents things to multiple people

  - somehow uses a rater's own edit history to validate this (perhaps be
    cautious about people with < 500 changesets, and very cautious < 50)

This is a slippery slope to a reputation system, but I think in terms of
culture, the fact that anybody can review is there already, and the
bright line is needing permission to change things, vs a more efficient
way of others looking over changes.

Unfortunately my editor crashed and I lost the source code :-)

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