[Talk-us] NYC Name Vandalism

Alan Brown adbrown1967 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 7 00:36:36 UTC 2018

> In any case all of the above potentially lead to your private fork of the planet getting out of sync real fast with the original, implying that applying diffs will become 
> more problematic over time.  So you wouldn't be able to take you fixed and known good planet fork, apply only good diffs, and expect to be able to continue to do that > for a year or so.
No, that's not the idea at all.  It's to download planet files regular, identify problematic recent changes, revert only those.  You still need a history to revert.  Contribute back to the OSM community what the problematic attributes/object are, and a human can revert them.
> IMHO the only thing that could really work in the OSM model is reverting real fast in the -original- dataset. 
Fixing the original dataset *is* paramount.  However, it's important to understand that there's this transitional problem; that, any given version of the dataset will have defects, and to catch the most egregious of these - particularly from vandalism is really the only goal here.  Not every use of OSM data will be pulled with high frequency from the database; there are offline applications where it's "pull once, use for a few years".  You may be able to rely on the community to repair persistent high-profile issues, but these transitory issues are another matter.
> Naturally there is the other aspect that we want our contributors to gain experience and become better mappers over time. You are only going to get that if leave the > opportunity to make mistakes open and don't robo-fix everything that goes wrong 

It's not robo-fixing, it's "robo-flagging for moderation".  Fundamentally different thing.  Something that has be vetted could certainly violate any rules this flagging uses.

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