[Talk-us] Possible roundabouts?

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Roundabouts are somewhat common nowadays in the US and follow the same
rules as European roundabouts: entering traffic yields to circle traffic.
Many intersections, such as the rotaries in Massachusetts, follow these
rules despite not being signed as "roundabouts."

We do, however, still have many oldschool traffic circles with odd yielding
rules, or just nothing signed at all. These are typically tagged with

On Fri, Sep 7, 2018 at 2:37 PM Marian Poara <marian.poara at telenav.com>

> Hi all,
> We have a short but important question: should we tag with
> “junction=roundabout”  the circular intersections in US where there is a
> physical center you can’t drive over and there is more than one way
> entering, based on satellite imagery? (some examples here: 40.5234202,
> -111.8762446, 35.8497728, -86.4547473, 42.6811136, -73.6987507, 40.22109,
> -76.874981). And if we have OSC or Mapillary street level images and it is
> confirmed that they don’t have any roundabout sign? In many residential
> areas (but not only), there isn’t any one way sign inside the small
> “roundabouts” and it seems that both directions are used.
> Thanks and regards!
> Marian Poara
> Marian Poară
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