[Talk-us] OSM map use w/o attribution at US News & World Report

Steve Friedl steve at unixwiz.net
Thu Sep 27 16:50:24 UTC 2018

[trying this again]

Good morning,

I've never done a use-without-attribution case before, would like to get
some suggestions before I dive in. I'm pretty sure this is a "substantial"

It seems that US News & World Report is using OSM data/maps without
attribution in their Health website; my opthalmologist's page 


includes a map that I instantly recognized as OSM.  I make it a point to
enhance the maps every time I have an appointment somewhere, and I had done
substantial cleanup of the maps in the northeast corner of Brookhurst &
Ellis in Fountain Valley.

The *current* map doesn't look much like the one in the US News page:


because of my subsequent changes, but - among other things - the spurious
and incorrect segment of "Ellis Street" just below the main Ellis Street was
leftover Tiger data that I'd fixed as well on changeset

Digging in, it seems that US News runs their own tile server (example tile):


so this is clearly them and not (say) Leaflet.

Their terms & conditions page https://www.usnews.com/info/features/terms has
a helpful email address copyrightagent at usnews.com that invites contacts
about copyright issues.

So, I think I should be following the procedure here:


with a polite note to them.

Am I on the right track?


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