[Talk-us] Someone from Boston, MA? (off topic - Boston hotel name / address trivia)

Bill Ricker bill.n1vux at gmail.com
Thu May 2 04:01:38 UTC 2019

>> This is one of those skyscrapers with a vanity "street" address with
>> no such street.
>> (To confuse matters further, there is also a Copley Place Hotel whose
>> address is NOT Copley Place!)

> Apparently there are even two such hotels.
I should clarify slightly, not that it really matters.

"Copley Place" is an invented name for the new mall/office/hotel
development over the Turnpike air-rights, punning on / borrowing from an
old place name, "Copley Square", which is nearby and is associated with
class.  Two of the four sides of Copley Square are the Boston Public
Library formal entrance and Trinity Church.

The "Westin Copley Place" was part of the Copley Place mall/office
development, is connected by air-bridge, to same, but uses a real street
address (10 Huntington Ave). The "Marriott Copley Place" is actually in the
Copley Place towers (not sure if it's tower 1 or 2?) but uses 110
Huntington Ave as its business address, go figure.

Nearby, the former "Copley Plaza Hotel", now  "Fairmont Copley Plaza" is
actually on Copley Square, while the "Copley Square Hotel" confusingly is
not, it's up a side street, 47 Huntington  (with side entrance on Exeter St
connecting to Copley Square's plaza; 2nd oldest in Boston).
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