[Talk-us] Ashuwillticook Rail Trail in Massachusetts

OSM Volunteer stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Fri May 3 12:44:43 UTC 2019

Does anybody local-to-Massachusetts know if the Ashuwillticook Rail Trail (ART, in Adams) exists (in real life) north of Hoosac Street?  It both does exist in real life and in OSM south of Hoosac Street, but while the railtrail "area" is entered in OSM as a leisure=recreation_ground, there is no highway=cycleway through there north of Hoosac.

There is the North Adams Branch (railway=rail, not railway=abandoned) as way/93525175, though I'm not sure if the tracks have been torn up; I don't believe this is active rail, given the other tags and the leisure=recreation_ground through here.  If there IS some ART north of Hoosac, is it paved highway=cycleway?  Is it to the west or east of where tracks are/were?

If you know of this "new" bicycle infrastructure (imagery is snowy or lower resolution and not helpful; also it may be older than this potentially-built cycleway), please enter it into OSM and kindly send me an email you did.

Thanks; this is in preparation for entering a slight re-route of United States Bicycle Route 1 through this area.


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