[Talk-us] Import review Maryland source=M-NCPPC for attribution requirement

Jonathan Brier brierjon at gmail.com
Sat May 11 19:52:08 UTC 2019

Looking on direction of how to cleanup and verify an import (not done by
me). I'm no GIS expert and starting to learn, helping where I can for now.
I'm not sure the user GregoryM is active, bringing this finding here for
community attention.

First, I came across a data import project in Prince George's County
Maryland which claimed Public Domain for the data and stated they were an
intern at the associated Planning Department and no longer work there, this
import was discssed previously on talk-us as noted on

Recent License Clarification:
The GIS Open Data Portal never had an explicit licsense stated:
had been trying to get an explicit liscense applied through various
contacts and now we have CC-BY 4.0 clearly stated:

I updated the license statement on the Potential Sources and Import

Can someone check if there were any elements imported and had
source=M-NCPPC applied? The cleanup would be to make sure that attribution
is applied for compliance with the data license.

Second, I would like to thank whomever has done a huge data import in
Prince George's County, Maryland!

Jonathan Brier

PhD Student
University of Maryland College Park, College of Information Studies
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