[Talk-us] Rail tagging in US (and North America): operator=* and reporting_marks=*

Chuck Sanders nathhad at gmail.com
Thu Jun 4 12:29:35 UTC 2020

For those who map rail in OSM in the US or in North America in general,
contains some recent chatter about using the tag reporting_marks=* as well
as the "full name" (not abbreviations) of operators in the operator=* tag.
Please take a look, as the suggestions are consistent and make sense in all
of Canada, USA and Mexico (as all three countries share in the AAR
"reporting mark" system for rail).  These suggestions might emerge as a
consensus or as a fully accepted way of tagging in all three countries.
Please chime in to the Talk page if this matters to you.  Thanks!

Barring any objections, we're likely to start implementing this in the
affected wiki page shortly.

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