[Talk-us] Amazon's Organized College Campus Editing

MoiraPrime MoiraPrime at pm.me
Mon Jul 26 08:57:57 UTC 2021

Hello, everyone!

I'm not the biggest fan of sending emails (or the best at it), but I've come across something that seems to be worth discussing.

Amazon appears to have decided to start doing organized mapping on college campuses across the entire US. While this isn't bad on its own, it seems they are copying data from the officially released maps on colleges' websites. Now, I'm by no means an expert on these things, but this doesn't seem to sit right with me.

Like, I have questions here. Did they get explicit permission from these colleges to copy their possibly copyrighted campus map renders?

Does this fall within the scope of their original organized editing plan they submitted to the community on their wiki page? Like, it's one thing to use your own data to submit changes to the map, but using someone else's map data?

I posted this on the OSM.us slack and the OSM World discord server but didn't get much feedback, so maybe the community in the mailing list has more to say about this.

The following is a list of changesets (as examples) that source a college's rendered map for their changes:
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