[OSM-Talk-ZA] Capturing shopping centres

Johan Joubert Johan.Joubert at up.ac.za
Wed Aug 24 19:22:49 BST 2011

Hi Talk-ZA'ers

As part of developing agent-based transport planning models, we are capturing shopping centres. If you have a virtual world... agents have to virtually work, and virtually shop ;-) To that extent we're partnering with the South African Counci for Shopping Centres (SACSC). According to them, their member register accounts for 50% of south African retail space. And we're starting to capture them (all).

After capturing a few, OSM'er Werner2101 made some changes (for the better) - so if you do happen to capture shopping centres in you vicinity, this is how we will/want to capture the whole lot of them from here onwards until someone makes another valuable contribution):

1. Capture the actual shopping centre building(s) as a closed way, with the ONLY tag being 
   - building=yes

2. Capture the parking area(s) (we have the actual capacity in many cases, courtesy of SACSC) with the following tags:
   - amenity=parking
   - capacity=?? (if you have it)
   - parking=surface (or multilevel, or covered, etc)

3. Next, add the internal service roads with tag 
   - highway=service
 ans where applicable, add
   - service=parking_aisle

4. Add everything together by creating a relation with the following tags:
   - type=site
   - site=mall
   - name=Mall Name Centre
   - surface=12345 (Gross Lettable Area (GLA, in square meters) )
   - website=whatever.co.za

Here is one example once it is done: http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/relation/1713491

Best regards,

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