[OSM-Talk-ZA] Updated CD:NGI Aerial Imagery Now Available

Grant Slater openstreetmap at firefishy.com
Mon Dec 31 12:31:31 GMT 2012


Updated: http://aerial.openstreetmap.org.za/

Contains new imagery (collect from CD:NGI during November 2012) and
I've finally filled in most of the missing areas.

Percentage of the imagery captured in the year:
 - 2012: 17.8%
 - 2011: 27.6%
 - 2010: 21.1%
 - 2009: 28.8%
 - 2008: 4.7%

The aerial imagery (as supplied) is 3004 GigaBytes and made up of
45454 tiled GeoTIFF files.
Combined they would make an image: 3256402 x 2875186 pixels or 9.3
Million Megapixel ;-)

The imagery is available in JOSM and Potlatch2 as a background layer
using the "South Africa: CD:NGI Aerial" preset.
Please remember to add the "source=ngi-aerial" tag when using the
imagery. In Potlatch2 this can be done by pressing "B" when the new
imagery is set as the background.

There are 3 errors I am aware of:
 - Black missing strip near Victoria West, NC
 - Black missing square near Villiers, FS
 - 2 Black thin strips, 1: just east of Mooi River, KZN and 2: just
west of Greytown, KZN
The errors will get fixed when I have a chance, but are not currently
a high priority.

The imagery should also finally be moved to a beefier/faster server
within the next 24 hours.


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