[Openstreetmap] GPS point submission format

SteveC steve at fractalus.com
Sat Nov 13 12:56:04 GMT 2004

* Petter Reinholdtsen (pere at hungry.com) wrote:
> [Petter Reinholdtsen]
> > didn't seem to support files with 3D coordinates, only 2D
> > coordinates, so we would loose information or loose the ability to
> > visualize the information
> I guess I forgot to mention why I believe it is important to store the
> 3D information.  I recently saw a few projects using a GPS to create a
> 3D model of some surface.  Check out
> <URL:http://www.metu.edu.tr/home/wwwkerk/kerk1/05remote/gpss/3d/> and
> <URL:http://www.gpsdrawing.com/models/whhmodel.htm>.  See
> <URL:http://www.gpsdrawing.com/gpsograph.htm> for info on the tool
> producing the last drawings.

The problem here is that alt. data variability is high and uncorrelated:


> I believe it would be nice if we the map we produced included height
> info, making it possible to calculate how steep the hills are, or make
> 3D models the landscape.

That would be nice, but it won't work with my el-cheapo gps unit :(

> Unrelated to this, it would be useful if the format used would include
> the raw satellite information, with enough information to make it
> possible to post-process the GPS data using differential GPS data to
> increase the accuracy of the measurements.  Check out
> <URL:http://www.wsrcc.com/wolfgang/gps/dgps-ip.html> for more info on
> this.  It would be able to remove most of the error introduced by the
> selective availability, and might even be able to reduce the error
> introduced by the disturbances from the atmosphere as well.

Matt has been thinking/doing things in this direction, maybe he can fill
us in?

have fun,

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