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Tue Nov 23 10:26:05 GMT 2004

Thread of interest:

Here is a piece off a thread about travel maps which running on the
svg-developers mailing list.

also... for those who care... The London SVG Users group is meeting on
Friday at 19h in central london for a few SVG presentations... There will
be some mapping people there and I may be in a position to do some cool
GIS/carto demos if time allows.

More info:


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Subject: Re: [svg-developers] Travel map No 2
From:    ronan at roasp.com
Date:    Tue, November 23, 2004 5:09 am
To:      svg-developers at yahoogroups.com

> I might be dumb, but if I saw how to zoom, I failed to see how to pan...
The zoom feature is definitively an improvement over the previous
version using ASV zoom, because when zooming, we lose the country name

Well... you must be dumb ;-)  Do not use ASV zoom. Use the zoom map on the
top left to generate a zoom view box, and drag it around to pan.

> Single click on the mini-map:
> - First time, I get an ultra zoom, as if I defined a very small
> rectangle (which may be that, since mouse can make a one-pixel move
between down and up). Perhaps you should prevent that.
> - I made a selection on this map, it did a zoom, OK.
> Then I tried single clicks elsewhere, it switches between global view
and the previously defined zoom. Suggestion: perhaps move the zoom
window to the point clicked to.

> The new map is much more compact than the previous one and is quite
nice, but it is missing some countries present in the older one. I miss
Andorra (AD: one of the few countries I traveled to, between France and
Spain!) and St. Pierre and Miquelon (PM: a small French archipelago
> <http://www.grandcolombier.com/2003-geographie/ouestspm/index.html>).

St Pierre & Miquelon are not large enough to appear on this resolution...
and are not a country... But you do raise an important point... selective
resolution. Some features on maps warrent a high resolution because of
their distinct relevance, and some do not. Andorra and Lichstenstein are
conutries and therefore are worthy of some reasolable boundaries, and
Canada is a country wih boundaries too. Given their asymptotic scale
difference, Andorra deserves a boundary definition of a few dozen points,
meanign a vertex every km or few hundred meters, while Canada needs a
vertex every 1-100 km...


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