[Openstreetmap] SiRF driver initial version

Matt Amos matt at matt-amos.uklinux.net
Sun Nov 28 20:40:20 GMT 2004

i've checked an initial SiRF chipset driver into the bat subversion 
tree (svn://bat.vr.ucl.ac.uk/openstreetmap), in c/sirf_driver. 

what the driver does at the moment is open the serial port, switch 
into SiRF binary mode and read out all the packets, decoding the ones 
it understands. there are two problems with this:

1) it doesn't send packets, yet. i'm gonna add this so we can do an 
initial sync to a version request, then enable the extra data. so, at 
the moment, the SiRF binary doesn't provide any more data than 
standard NMEA mode.

2) it doesn't understand all the packets in the SiRF documentation. 
even worse, the actual device outputs several types of packets which 
aren't even in the documentation!

help is welcome, particularly if you can figure out what those 
undocumented packets are!

* it doesn't dump to GPX or anything else at the moment,
* the design really should be threaded,
* it needs some sort of GUI to check the lock status. i prefer Qt, so 
that i can run it on my zaurus!


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