[Openstreetmap] Are there any guides for creating common roadlayouts?

Andy Robinson Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Dec 1 15:39:36 GMT 2005

Peter Knowles wrote:

>Do any guides exist for creating common road structures/layouts using
>either the online or offline editors?
>I'm thinking in particular of things like roundabouts, motorway onramps
>etc. I know that there's no bezier curves or anything, so how do you guys
>normally do roundabouts? How many points do you add in?

For roundabouts I normally add a node for each lane leading off (ie two per
street leading off) and then any number more to make it look right depending
upon the diameter. I generally ignore mini-roundabouts as they barely show
up with the GPS.

Slip roads tend to be whatever makes it look right.

Interesting though about road curves. When I used to set out roads back in
my younger surveying days all road sections in the UK were made up of
straight, to transition curve (spline), to regular radius curve and back
again. Since working on projects in the USA a lot it transpires that not
everyone uses transition curves.

Interesting little java job here:



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