[Openstreetmap] GPX file updates, GPS unit reviews, mobile phone GPS, mailing list policy

SteveC steve at asklater.com
Sat Dec 3 07:12:33 GMT 2005


A few things to make your life better:

You can now re-download your gpx files. About 20 files from early
November were kept, and any file from now on is also kept. For files
where we were deleting them once inserted a (not brilliant) gpx is
re-created from data in the database.

The re-created file currently misses timestamps (will fix) and seperate
tracks (can probably fix) and is limited to 5,000 points (will have to
think about fixing, I don't want petter to bring down the server
re-downloading 2 million point files :-) Feel free to create trac
tickets if you think any of these are important.

You can also now click 'edit' to go straight to the applet to view the
start of your gpx. The display of the time you uploaded the file has
been cleaned up a little.

You can of course get much data out of the 'trackpoints' API call but
it's stripped of things like timestamp to preserve anonymity. At least
two people have been tracked down (by friends, or at least benign
people) using GPS data from OSM. So, how about the ability to make your
GPX file public so others can download it? Then we'd be making a nice
repository and I hope Lars is interested as he's doing related things?

I've been borrowing (thanks Martin!) a Garmin Gecko (eTrex's little
brother) and also a Magellan (thanks Ben!) unit. I had to get it off my
chest that the gecko loses all your data if you change the battery and
so created


I think some short reviews would be really useful for contributors and
between us we must have many versions of the etrex alone. Please add
yours, even if it's a CF card for a Palm Pilot or whatever :-)

I have a blackberry phone with bluetooth and a bluetooth GPS unit. RIM
(people that make the phone) offer a nice big clunky windows only java
IDE which I downloaded with a view to writing some code for the phone.
Said code would do nebulous things like upload your position
continuously to OSM or whatever. Problem is you need to give RIM $100
for access to their bluetooth API. So, would this be useful to anyone
other than me? How about other phones?

Recent threads suggest we might want to think about a more clear mailing
list policy, eg what goes to each list and whether cross posting both
lists is acceptable. Perhaps the tag at the end of every message could
contain a short description of each lists purpose. What do you think?

have fun,

SteveC steve at asklater.com http://www.asklater.com/steve/

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