[Openstreetmap] Disclaimers on rights of way?

nick at hogweed.org nick at hogweed.org
Mon Dec 5 00:31:16 GMT 2005

Now we have some segments tagged with foot, horse, cycle and vehicular 
permissions (most contributed by myself) it might be a good idea to put some 
sort of disclaimer on the site to inform people that while these rights are 
given in good faith they are based on observations on the ground and cannot 
be guaranteed 100% accurate. Just so we don't get someone in trouble for 
driving a car up a track where cars are not permitted using an OSM map, and 
some angry landowner then having a go at us....

In particular I've just realised that a lot of my New Forest data has slightly 
inaccurate tags, regarding cycling and vehicular rights. This was due to the 
way it was stored in Freemap: basically a cycle track in the New Forest had 
the same internal "type" as a rough vehicular track in other areas, even 
though vehicles cannot use New Forest cycle tracks. I'm attempting to correct 
this gradually using osm-editor.


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