Landsat ? (was:Re: [Openstreetmap] New roads appearing withoutGPS tracks)

Andy Robinson Andy_J_Robinson at
Fri Dec 16 22:43:39 GMT 2005

Lars wrote:

>I often find that a track following a shoreline road appears where
>the Landsat images show water, an offset of maybe 30-50 meters in
>some direction, which is more than the GPS error should be.  I
>assume this is an error in the Landsat images.  Does anybody
>understand where this comes from?  Is it systematic?

It certainly appears to be so for the UK. My road laying into the Lake
District got its feet very wet where the road runs alongside one of the
lakes. Generally here I see that the Landsat is about 30m or so to the north
east of the gps position.


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